Looking at an ordinary product landing page, I asked myself: "Is this experience best crafted to represent the brand's voice and product's level of innovation?"

Create a Landing Page concept (Personal Project) for a product launch to represent Mazda MX-30, the first fully-electric brand's model. Users "expect the unexpected." They need to see and feel the innovation by interacting with this interface.
Let's open the toolkit and make use of advanced interactions and 3D motion design. Enhanced animated experiences promote "moments of joy" for the user. It's almost like they are being part of the story, building every single next chapter together.

Mazda has a clean and sophisticated look. Loyal consumers need to feel they're connecting with the same brand: white background, typography, and photography should represent that. On the other hand, MX-30 is opening a new era of products. It asks for an updated experience and vanguard feeling. 

The design mockup (Adobe XD) was the canvas to place the design elements to orient users to "take action" within the interface. In the animation end (Adobe After Effects), minimal triggers such as directional moving down lines gave them the signal to jump to the next portion of the experience. Finally, 3D animated mockups enhanced the presentation and completed package.

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